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How much Social Security can I get?

Roger Chartier -author of  www.Social-Security.bizIt depends on how much you put in and how many credits you have - read more about it

by roger chartier

This figure will differ

ant man - www.Social-Security.bizFor everyone so only the Social Security Administration will tell you.

If you don't have the figures, you will still have some idea, based on if you earned a lot and paid social security taxes or if you paid little tax.

You need 40 credits to qualify, and you can earn up to 4 a year. Back in the year 2011, you needed to earn $1,120 per tax credit and by the time you earned $4,480 you would have earned the 4 credits.


Every year

The Social Security Administration sends, "Your Social Security Statement", with the financial figures that explain how much you would get.

In 2011, they decided to save a few bucks and didn't put the statements out.

They did resume for some folks over 60 in 2012 First make sure you take a look at the "Retirement Age" page on this site.

In 2014 they increased the payments all the way up to a 1.5% increase! In 2017, Social Security will begin paying more in benefits than is collected in taxes.

By 2041, the social security system will have to have some drastic changes or it will be exhausted, and there will be just enough to pay 78 cents on the dollar for benefits.

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