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How Much Can I Earn
While on Social Security?

by roger chartier

The good news

The good news is that once you reach full retirement age you can work and earn all you want and still get all of your Social Security benefit payments.

If you choose, for example, to retire at 62 and still work, after a certain dollar amount of income from your work you would begin to have a reduction in Social Security payments.

Old folks on the beach -

It's a better idea

To work because as you continue to work, and some of your benefits are withheld you will end up getting a higher amount from Social Security when you reach full retirement age.

You don't have to limit your earnings.

You should know that it will not, on average, reduce the total value of lifetime benefits you receive from Social Security—and may actually increase them.

After you reach full retirement age, social security does a recalculation of your benefit amount.

Then you will get credit for any months where you didn't get some benefit because of what you earned.

As you keep working and get benefits, good old Social Security checks every year to determine if your earnings will be able to increase your monthly benefit payment.

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