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What If I am Homeless? Supplemental Security Income

by roger chartier

If you are over 65, blind or disabled:


Look into SSI or Supplemental Security Income.

If you are homeless, you would get the same amount as a person who lives in a house or an apartment or a mobile home.

You can get up to the maximum SSI benefit while you are living in a public, homeless shelter.

It is restricted to six months out of any nine month period.

If you have no address, SSI can make arrangements to get the money to you.

SSI can:

1. Deposit it into a Direct Express debit card.
2. Have your benefits mailed to a third party for you.
3. Have a relative or third party be assigned as a payee on your behalf

If you go to jail, live in a shelter or live in a medical treatment facility it may affect your SSI benefits.
You can become ineligible for benefits if you live in a
public institution.

Some places that are "Safe Havens" that can provide very low cost supportive housing for those who do not want to
go into a mental health treatment program or get other support services.

homeless_fam - www.Social-Security.bizIf you live in a safe haven, SSI will not reduce your payments for the support and maintenance provided
by the safe haven. This sounds like a good thing.
Some publicly operated community residences are not considered public institutions by the SSI so that you can
live there and get the money from SSI.

If you are homeless,
you might be able to use a computer in a public library to get more information.
For those who don't qualify for SSI, there are local shelters, local food banks and for veterans some special programs.

It is a good idea to look into public welfare and public housing or section 8 housing.

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