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Current Calendar For You!

by roger chartier

This one is a 2015 calendar

Some people would download and also print this calendar.

This is a nice 2015 calendar that is useful for work and at home. you would take the pages after they have been printed and staple them together.


I printed hundreds

In the past I had made 200 to 300 a year for business associates and given them away.

Now I print less as I share the link to this and other similar pages that I have created.

Keep the calendar and the link to use for yourself and others for the year 2015.
The calendar has nice sized day boxes that can be written in.

There's room on the page for notes.
Download it now to see the nice cover picture. BELOW...

Can you guess where the photo is from?

Think New England, and being high... altitude that is. The photo was taken on a somewhat clear day so it is nice to examine. The calendar has a lot of holidays on it as a bonus.

Below is a somewhat similar cover image.

Click on this link to download the whole calendar.

2015 Monthly Calendar

Print for free at

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