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The Attack on America by Social Security

147,000 bullets

by roger chartierRoger Chartier -author of

Is the Social-Security department stocking up on ammunition for a war or a small scale battle?

147,000 hollow point bullets for 357 magnum guns sounds like a strange purchase for the guys who are there to help out the elderly, children and sickly people here in America.

Some have supposed that there is an upcoming reason for great unrest that will have to be met with some force, and yet others are wondering why just the bullets and not some larger lethal equipment.


Alas, folks it is going to be quite alright in the end

bullets -

The reaction from the Social-Security Administrations representative, Jonathan Lasher is that the ammunition will be for the Social Security's office of inspector general.

That department supports nearly 300 investigative agents who are combating Social-Security crimes, fraud and other illegal activities.

Hmmm, I never hear about them shooting anyone in the news....

It is to fight the threats

The threats against Social Security employees, offices etc. are part of what they are there to fight.

The hollow point bullets will expand when they come into contact with a human beings flesh, and it will cause the most damage of all bullets.

357 - www.Social-Security.bizUsed in this way they cannot usually travel through a person who might be guilty and kill and innocent person behind them.

The gun that they are used for is a 357. Magnum "the deadliest handgun in the world", as quoted from a movie where Clint Eastwood was threatening to blow a man's head off.

Well let's hope that the 590 bullets that each agent will have are used are really for practice and not for shooting too many people who might come into contact with them.

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