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Do you know how much you will get a month when you retire?

by roger chartier

Get a mailed statement every 5 years or go online anytime.

Roger Chartier -author of

Social security had stopped mailing Social Security Statements a while ago but they will resume - at least every 5 years until you are 60.

If you are a worker you will get a statement every 5 years.
The 5 year mailings land on your birthday year at age 25, 30, 35, etc..

I liked getting the statement myself as it was a paper in hand and I kept it in my desk drawer as a reminder of how badly I was doing.


"Go Online" method

Now using the online method will be very good for people to access their information at any time.

They could be sitting in their pajamas at their desk or using the internet on their telephone and get the latest up date on their situation for Social Security... read more below.

How to get online with your Social Security account

Go to this site to sign up.

With the online account you can get your benefit verification letter.

If you are retired or retiring you can change the direct deposit of your payment.

The website also allows you to change your address and phone number as well as other options.

Acting Social Security Commissioner, Carolyn W. Colvin tells us that more than 14 million Americans have started an online account.

It's your turn

Do it today and keep your self informed about how badly or how well you are doing.

Think about how you might be able to change your retirement income level if the need arises.

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