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Disability payments for same gender married folks - Yes!

by roger chartier

Same gender and married?
You are legal for Social Security!

Roger Chartier -author of

Social Security will finally recognise your same sex marriage and will allow making payments to folks who are in those relationships.

This is great news

For a lot of people who were losing out of the fair play end of the Social Security business.

The US Supreme court on June 13 of 2013 decided that section three in the Defense of Marriage Act was unconstitutional.


Two guys  -

They then processed that info to the advantage of same sex married couples and they went beyond that with more.

In the end the Social Security Administration stated on June 14, 2014 that “These instructions also allow Social Security to begin processing many claims in states that do not recognize same-sex marriages or non-marital legal relationships.” 

You simply have to apply in a state that does recognize same sex marriage though.

Social Security Act requires the agency to follow state law in Social Security cases.

The non-marital legal relationships

Stretches the issue a bit and gives more people a good opportunity to get better benefits.

How to collect $

The other laws for retirement age etc. are the same for all of us.
But do not wait to apply as the Social Security Administration says,

“Applying now will preserve your filing date, which we use to determine the start of potential benefits.”

Here is a bit about non-marital legal relationships.

Social Security says,

"To determine whether a claimant is considered married for benefit purposes, you must determine that the non-marital legal relationship: was valid in the place it was established, and qualifies as a marital relationship using the laws of the state of the Number Holder’s domicile. There are some details to understand at...

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