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I'm retiring soon.

When is the money coming?

by roger chartierRoger Chartier -author of

Once you apply you should start to get the check paid out monthly.

In general, the people who are retiring lately are getting the check paid to them on the Wednesday around the time of the week that they were born.

Some folks are receiving benefits from their spousal account which would be higher than their own account.

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People doing that sometimes didn't have much to get from social-security at all and found that their spouses account will pay better.

For more money, they can collect on his/her social-security.


Spouse will get about half

The spousal payment amount is half of the primary retirees money.
In that case, the money paid out is based on the original retiree's birth date.

Here is how that is going to work for you:

The day of the month you or primary retiree were born on Social-Security check paid to you on
1 - 10 The 2nd Wednesday
11-20 The 3rd Wednesday
21-31 The 4th Wednesday

Soc. Sec. has a file on this

The social Security administration has a file to show the payments and how they will be going out for this year.

This keeps us up to date with the information if we are nervous enough to worry and bother checking up on it.

Otherwise don't worry - it should be fine.

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