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How to get money from your partners Social-Security

Well it isn't a scam

by roger chartierRoger Chartier -author of

It isn't a scam at all but the way that our
Social-Security system works.

Your partners income is what controls this.
You as a non-working or working for remarkably less money but legally as far as the USA is concerned, married partner are entitled to about half of what he/she is getting.

So far the country doesn't recognize same sex marriage as legal, but several states do as of today. Those states don't have authority as far as the country is concerned in this matter ...for now anyway.


Your age


This payout is based on your age and how early that you retire or if you wait until your full retirement age.

At your full retirement age, the pay off is set at at 50%, and it is the most you'll get from his social-security.

If you start to collect at age 62 rather than let's say age 66 for those whose retirement is that age, then you'll only get 35% of his amount of social security check. Age 63 would be 37.5%, age 64 - 41.7%, age 65 - 49.9% and age 66 it wold be 50%.

You would have to file for it when you reach the appropriate age to do so.

If you have worked and earned a higher social-security check than you would get from half of his, then stick with your own because you won't be able to get two checks. Go for the higher number money wise.


If you file to collect early, it won't change to a higher number when you reach that later age.

The maximum that you can earn is $14,640 a year before social security starts to reduce the S-S check by a dollar for every dollar that they pay out to you.

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