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Medicare uses
Social-Security numbers for ID

The lawmakers aren't happy with Medicare now

by roger chartierRoger Chartier -author of

So what is the complaint? Well the ID that Medicare and Medicaid Services are using for it's patients is the issue.

It ends up being your social-security number.

This makes it easier for the bad guys to abscond with your money and goods using your very own ID.

After all, it is the governments #1 ID system.


At the House Ways and Means Committee

Gathering on Aug. 1 there was a hearing where the CMS said that it was too prohibitive tomedicare card fake - change the method of ID'ing patients as of now.cost

Since this had become an issue many years ago, the Veterans Health Administration as well as some other agencies no longer use Social Security numbers on beneficiary cards.

CMS can do the same they feel.

As it stands

When I have to submit a Social-Security number to a bank for an example, the bank only shows that last numbers to me on forms that are printed that I might get or find online.

There is a greasy line here to hold onto the idea of changing the numbers, but it has a lot of people pulling on it both ways.

50 CMS segments of the system use the numbers in communication with other government agencies.

It would cost up near $840 million dollars to change this system to new cards with new numbers.

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