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by: Roger Chartier

What is in it for us in the future?

There has been a lot of talk about the changes that must come to Social Security by 2033.

One thing I know is that whenever a total disaster like the failure of the income of millions of people is at stake something gets done to fix it.

I will be eager to see the changes that must occur to the system to keep it viable for seniors in the USA.

People can not become financally distraught on a wholesale level without something happening to by people in power to keep them financially secure.

So I say the failure of Social Security to continue to support the seniors and others of America will not happen.

America will not stand for it!


Payments Increase Bulletin!

Social Security Payments and (SSI) increased by 1.5% back in 2014!
This is a COLA (Cost Of Living) adjustment. This will affect 63 million American people. The segment that began in January, 2014 affected 57 million Americans.

Beginning on Dec 31, 2013 there were increases that affected more than 8 million Americans.

For the year 2014 the increase in the amount of pay that you received where you have to contribute to Social Security went up form $113,700 to $117,000 in income. After that amount you do not contribute any more than you already have.

10 million of the 165 milion year 2014 workers saw an increase. This site was created as a response to the many questions that retirement age people, as well as younger people, have about their future.
The series of questions and answers will hopefully resolve many of the problematic issues about Social Security, and give you the information that you are looking for.

In 2017 Social Security...

Will be in trouble paying out more than is coming in from taxes.

By 2033 our Social Security funds

The Social Security Trust Funds will run out for disability and retirement income programs, although the payments to people can continue at approximately three-quarters of the full amount.

That is as it stands now unless something drastic is done.
In the past people felt secure in the knowledge that our government's social security plan would protect us as we grew older and needed to retire or if we became disabled.

It was/is the bulwark against financial disaster for your spouse and children if you die.
The picture is not always so rosy now that the economy has taken a turn for the worse.

So as, we answer your most often asked questions here about the current situation with social security and the future of it all we certainly hope you will be able to rest easy...for now.

The current thinking for most people approaching retirement age is that they should have saved a nest egg for the future.
Younger people are the ones most in peril because the future might not be able to sustain the program that would sustain them in retirement or disability.

The younger you are the better off you will be as far as planning to create a more secure future because you have more time to prepare.
It's a good idea to be informed about taxes, and what you earn, and what credits and programs of which you can take advantage.
For starters, you can learn about tax advantages at also there is for that free form.

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